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Portable Monitor

When your tiny laptop screen just won’t cut it. This 2nd (or 3rd) monitor is portable, packable, and comes with its own stand.

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For keeping track of the billion things happening on site or while advancing your next gig, a good notebook is essential.

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Radio Vest (BOH PIck)

One of the best inVESTments Erin made this festival season. Perfect for carrying her radio, pens, and other go-to on-site items.

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Hydroflask Water Bottle

Everyone needs a good water bottle and this one is our fav - it keeps warm things warm and cold things cold and can survive being thrown out of a golf cart at top speed (oops).

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Fire Cider (BOH Pick)

Give your immune system a boost (we know it needs it) with one of Jessie’s go-to site items: "It’s a little different but something I do to keep me going.”