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Our New Year’s Resolution? Continue to provide you with the top event industry news and education! Find out Tampa Bay’s promotional plans for a very different looking Superbowl, what event exec's music business predictions are for 2021, and how some of the industry’s biggest agents and promoters plan to return this year. Plus, we take an inside look at what it’s like to produce an event on snow! ❄

Are you planning a hybrid or virtual conference for 2021? Here are some essential factors you may want to consider when choosing your virtual provider and planning other event elements. 

Thanks to NIVA, many independent venues have a fighting chance at reopening their doors post-pandemic. But what does the future look like for venues? Increased safety precautions and health accreditations are just a few adjustments on the horizon for them.

While the exact timeframe of when events will be back full force is still uncertain, we are at least confident that it’s just a matter of ‘not if but when.’ Find out how some of the industry’s most prominent agents and promoters plan to return in 2021.

The Netherlands is scheduled to host outdoor events this month, backed by the government, to administer more tests that evaluate the best practices for safely holding an event. Their full plans, including the various types of events being held and their risk management model, can be viewed on their website. (Hint: You may want to turn your translator on).

Digital Music News created a running calendar of all upcoming drive-ins, so you can land a gig or check out how things are being run.

Step aside streaming services; vinyl sales reach record-high numbers preceding Christmas week this year! Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, and Nirvana topped the charts of the 1.842 million records sold in the UK.

The Superbowl already has a reputation for being one of the most expensive events of the year, and 2021 is no exception. Even though the event will look much different than the last four hosted in Tampa Bay, they’re still spending like crazy.

While we hope that things like masks and social distancing are soon a thing of the past, some execs predict that the hybrid model is here to stay because of its benefit to global fans that generally could not attend in person. Find out what other music business predictions they have for 2021.

Don’t recognize that song coming from your Peloton? That’s because they’ve started producing their own music. They’ll be working with Beyonce to curate classics and new workout soundtracks while also remixing songs from big names like Elvis Presley and Dillon Francis (who is a Peloton rider himself).

In his spare time, Kevin Bacon likes to ‘creep’ into his goats’ barn and serenade them with Radiohead.

Drive-in Recap

This year Groundswell Experiential represented over 150+ drive-in experiences. Production partners included Collectiv Presents and Chris Schroeder Productions, Lakeshore Drive-In and AudisBliss, and Chicago Drive-In Theaters that made these shows run effectively while learning the ins and outs of this revamped viewing experience. Heineken USA was a notable sponsor through the hundred-plus events. Many more thanks were given as an end of year recap. It is encouraging to hear the jobs this initiative promoted. Success stories include:

All events followed social distancing protocol and worked on improving the customer experience. Attention was put on screens and communication leading up to the shows.

How Grateful Dead Became Streetwear Icons

How did the Grateful Dead become the latest streetwear trend? LeBron James, Jonah Hill, A$AP Rocky, and Ashlee Simpson have all been spotted rocking Dead merch. While vintage shops and online boutiques have higher scale selections, the iconic group can also be seen in Pac Sun, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters. The balance has been found to accommodate new and old fans. Licensing has been expanding as new fans are being recruited by the Dead & Company tour. It is safe to say the easily recognizable dancing bears aren’t going anywhere.  

Keeping Fans Warm This Winter

We have adapted to holding events outside with COVID guidelines, but as winter weather is among us, how can we continue to have events comfortably outside? Here are a couple of tips for this winter's events to run safely.

  • The newest item being added to advances are heat lamps. Heaters from vendors like Party Rental LTD, Colorado Party Rentals, and Yeah! Rentals can keep fans comfortable despite temperature drops.

  • Getting creative to block the wind is critical. Untraditional tent shapes and hedges are a great way to block wind while allowing for ventilation. CORT Events offers unique items to help create a stylish solution.

  • Utilizing companies like Weather or Not to provide guests cozy blankets can create a warm environment.

  • Also, think about the food. Providing hot options for drinks and food will keep guests' stomachs feeling warm. Get a taste of some ideas here.

  • As event producers, it is essential to prepare, but it is just as crucial for the guest. It is our job to communicate proper attire with them leading up to the event.

At BOH we think it’s important to meet, celebrate, and get personal with some of the event industry’s leading thinkers and doers. This week we sat down with Jereb Carter to learn about producing events on snow. Make sure to check back next week for more insider info from our main acts!Jereb Carter is currently working with Symbiotic Events, a company based out of Colorado specializing in winter on-snow events such as Burton US OPEN, Winter Wonder Grass, and ESPN's Winter X Games in Aspen. In addition to these, Jereb has also worked on Honda's Ski Tour, Jeep's King of the Mountain Series, 48STRAIGHT, Breckenridge Spring Fever, Aspen's Hifi Concert Series, and Telluride Ski Resort's Mid Mountain concerts - all on-snow events. Previously, Jereb was a Touring Production Manager for 24 years, working with Slightly Stoopid, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley's Roots Rock Reggae tour, Michael Franti & Spearhead, The Flight of the Concords, Galactic, Of Monsters and Men, and String Cheese Incident. He has “been around the block a few times, but feels most at home on the snow," where he has been producing events for 15 plus years.

As event producers, we all abide by the golden rule: be prepared. We put plans in place for changes in weather, artist cancellations, and safety. Preparedness is taken to a whole new level when producing on the snow. Each time Jereb works on the snow, he faces a new challenge. He's experienced various winter conditions from no snow to 25 feet of snow in a week, and everything in between. 

One of his favorite snow events is Aspen’s Winter X Games, where Jereb has taken on several roles and has built up this niche experience. He most recently acted as the Production Manager and Visual Designer for the music venue alongside ESPN's Team of Jen Reiber and Saira Anderson. They do a great job of producing the concerts.

[NOTE: X Games will be continuing its 20-year run this year with COVID protocols set in place. However, the event will no longer be open to the public. This year will not have any concerts performed from Buttermilk Mountain. Jereb is hoping it will return to its former glory in 2022.] 

While only about 7,000 fans watch the concerts at X Games in person, footage of the shows is often included in the TV production, which is seen by 14 million viewers at home. Many big-name artists want to play at X Games for that reason and because the event itself is big, bright, and extreme.

So it's crucial for everyone working the event to bring their A-Game and treat each act and performance as if it is taking place in a stadium - a stadium built on snow - with all of the lights, video, and special effects fans expect in a stadium-level production.

The fan experience is one of a kind and is what keeps Jereb coming back for more. 

Load-in for any event often feels like organized chaos; adrenaline is high as event professionals set up the site. However, on snow, everyone is at the mercy of the environment, and load-in can last for weeks as the site is literally sculpted out of snow. On snow, there are several unique elements added to the process.

As Jereb recounts, "The unknown elements are the beasts, and we are the zookeepers."

Snow is the primary tool when creating the look and feel of the event. Viewing areas, jumps, and walkways are made using snow. Snow also establishes the structure for components such as the stage. 

Before building the stage, a foundation of snow must be created that is strong enough to withstand two snowcats that will parade the 80,000 lb structure to its temporary home, in addition to the structure itself. To create a snow base that is strong enough to withstand a bullet, the sculpted snow must stay under 22 degrees for 8 hours for the snow to bond together. Mother Nature is not always compliant to create the perfect conditions. Production workers must strategically plan their build to capture a day with ideal temperatures. To allow time to maximize the success of the event, load-in typically starts taking place two to three weeks out and often at 5 AM to ensure there is no melting.

Snow producers pray to the mythical snow god Ullr for the perfect snow conditions:

  • A lot of snow leading up to load-in.

  • Freezing temperatures and no snow for load-in and show days.

  • Cold and sunny load-out.

When Ullr does not answer these wishes, several things could go wrong, including melting. Any repairs due to melting or other factors must occur between 5 and 8 AM before the general public comes to ski and snowboard for the day. In most cases, the mountain is fully operational in the days leading up to the event, meaning skiers are present!

What's the coldest temp you've worked outside in?

▶️ Amazon Studios is seeking an experienced Events Manager, Movies to be a part of a team that strategizes, executes and manages events and experiences for the rapidly growing slate of Amazon Original Movies.

▶️ Apple is looking for a Lead Theater Producer who also has experience in broadcast to join the technical and production teams supporting the Steven Jobs Theater. You will partner with these teams to produce all aspects of the events held at the theater from strategic planning, pre-production, rehearsals, tech-run throughs, and execution.

▶️ REVOLT is hiring a Creative Solutions Project Manager, who will be responsible for managing branded content projects. The Project Manager role will be responsible for formulating these requests in the form of project planning, timeline/calendar development, and collaboration among internal teams.

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It is never too let to set goals for 2021. Here are some tips to help you get started.

January 13th: The Inspired To Grow Webinar allows you to connect and network with the NW events community, colleagues and industry experts. Listen to a Q&A with the #EventProfs, a collective of experienced and insightful leaders, keeping you INSPIRED and ready to GROW in 2021.January 14th: VenuesNow and Pollstar recently announced Live Week: Reviving Live!, which will combine the VenuesNow Conference, Pollstar Live! And Production Live!Recorded: Back of House x LinkedIn’s “Rock Your Profile”. Learn how to revamp your LinkedIn profile to stand out within the live events industry, network, and ultimately find new jobs.

This week's headliner is reflecting on 2020 as he listens to "Lockdown" by Anderson .Paak

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