Why France Wants COVID-Positive Event Attendees

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Headliner Sam Raymond is jamming to Half Mast by Empire of the Sun

France wants COVID-positive guests to attend events; drama unfolds with Colorado live events grants; plus, this week’s Headliner explains how NBA bubbles led the way to a fan-forward approach at future sporting events. 

France plans to test safety protocols by allowing COVID-positive guests to attend test events with as many as 5,000 participants.

Colorado art agency distributes $7.4 million in grants, then receives a wave of complaints about some recipients being employed by live events powerhouse, AEG Presents.

Celebratory high-fives and hugs are strictly forbidden at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics as the Olympic Committee releases playbooks for safety procedures.

The UK Prime Minister announced consideration for bars, nightclubs, and other indoor venues to begin reopening, but there are “lots of discussions still to be had."

German study suggests theatres and museums may have lower risk of COVID infection than schools and offices.

Two independent venues in Bristol, England have found a collaborative way to fundraise by using a Patreon page that allows supporters to donate monthly in exchange for rewards like free gigs.

Following their virtual conference, the Arena Resilience Alliance has announced its four-part action plan for returning to live events entitled the Rationale for a Resilient Return. 

The Vancouver Mural Festival has adopted AR technology to show their exhibits. Upon downloading their app, users can travel to the 17 locations around the city to scan the codes and see the 3D artwork come to life on their devices!

The NFL security chief believes that the contactless and biometric technology  introduced during the pandemic will likely stick around to heighten safety and ease for the customer's experience at future events.

Music Mogul Irving Azoff is privately funding a $250 million arena in Southern California to be completed in about 18 months, just in time for the expected return to live music and what he predicts will be ‘the Roaring Twenties.”


Festival Updates from Around the GlobeThis summer’s festival landscape is looking different for everyone:

Meet the Startup Company Paying 3,000+ Artists to PerformSofar Sounds, the global community that puts on intimate concerts in nontraditional venues, has been hosting a Listening Room Series of weekly livestreams where artists earn an average of $450 per show. Along with paying out more than 3000 artists for cancelled concerts over the past year, this series is an effort to continue to support musicians as they await the return of in-person events. They have also recently acquired the ticketing company, Seated, which provides direct-to-fan services and VIP ticketing for artists, and powers livestreams using Shopify to increase revenue to artists by 35%. These companies have united in the goal to support independent artists financially and empower them to make connections with their fans. Together, these companies have paid $3 million to artists during the pandemic. Job Alert: Sofar Sounds is now hiring. Check out open positions here.

Community Spotlight

Music industry workers showed up and put their production skills to work during a multi-day supply distribution in Austin, Texas. As a result of their efforts, over 2000 plus households have been served. Check out the 

 to learn more about the on-going community outreach and its mission. If you are local to the area, volunteers are still needed. There are multiple ways that you can help out Texas communities during this time. Check out this link to

Sam Raymond has been an Account Executive with the Brooklyn Nets for more than three years. With a focus on new sales and b2b event planning, he has consistently exceeded goals, while delivering high-quality event experiences to clients. After a tumultuous year in sports, he sat down and explained the mindset of a professional in a sports sales position.


How NBA Bubbles Burst the Status-Quo For Industry Pros in the Wake of COVIDMarch 10th, 2020, and we’re shuffling about in our downtown Brooklyn office managing through another Monday. The front office overlooks the Statue of Liberty and pulses with the Brooklyn Nets practice court one floor above us. With a home game two nights prior, these office hours pass by drudgingly. We are in for another week of late nights at the arena entertaining prospective ticket membership buyers in suits we most likely spent our entire day in, feet aching from running around a 17,000 seat arena. Game night step counts are counted like points on a scoreboard, shared amongst each other with pride. Days without games are brief vacations, where the monotony of routine is welcomed with remaining excitement. We look forward to being able to decompress somewhere away from basketball, but this idea never actualizes.It is regular season basketball, and as ticket sellers, we are immersed in everything to do with the sport. Even on off-nights, we are tuned in to basketball news on ESPN and Twitter; news can make or break our season. High-paying ticket holders are here for the stars on court, so injuries and/or trades can cost the same off the court as they can on it. It’s on this March afternoon when we settle back in from another coffee run, fueling the final stretch before the commute back home to the couch, that our attention shifts as a segment from the Utah Jazz’s press conference plays on overhead TV monitors. A video clip would show Utah Jazz star basketball player Rudy Gobert playfully wiping his enormous hands on microphones used for all other NBA players speaking to reporters. This was in response to questions raised over the growing fear of a new virus that was spreading fast. While at the time, this moment was minor, one that none of us figured would be given a second thought, it was a minute of video that would be heavily scrutinized by those both inside and outside the league. Two days later, this video would be shared world-wide as Gobert became the first North American professional athlete to publically test positive for COVID-19. Changes to NBA protocol after that moment were just the beginning of the shake-up. 

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