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SXSW Heads Down UnderOn October 15, 2023, we’ll see the iconic SXSW head down under to Sydney, Australia. Featuring 7 days and nights of innovation, music, screen, tech, gaming, and culture, the event will be produced in collaboration with local government and organizations.

Taking The StageUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke in front of thousands at Glastonbury’s Other Stage to harness support, urging fans to “put pressure on politicians to end the war in Ukraine.” You can watch the full message here.

"That Festival Site" - The Festival Database A new platform created by a 21-year-old, launching with 95 Australian and New Zealand festivals, aims to track festivals and information surrounding them. This includes average ticket prices YoY, artist information, capacities, and how quickly they tend to sell out. Check it out here.

NY Ticketing Policies Update For The BetterNew policies go into place in New York. “Anyone selling tickets in the state [is] now legally obliged to include fees upfront and those reselling [have] to disclose how much was originally paid for the tickets being resold.” Will other states follow suit?

Harry Styles' Denmark Performance CancelledAnother shooting. The 16,000 capacity sold-out Royal Arena in Copenhagen was forced to evacuate after a shooting at a nearby shopping center.

Essence Fest Is BackAfter two years, Essence Fest returned for its 27th edition this past weekend in New Orleans celebrating black culture, tech, local vendors, and food & wine experiences. But what's a return without a few hiccups?

Drake and...The Backstreet Boys?Apparently, the band means a lot to Drake, who recollects a story about his bar mitzvah at the age of 13 while taking the stage together. Check out the feature performance here.

Audience Concern Over Climate IssuesThe results from the 11,000+ Act Green survey results reveal “that 86% of cultural audiences are worried about the impact of the climate crisis.” 65% say they “would consider utilizing public transport to access a reduced ticket price.” See the full report here.

CAA Acquires ICMCAA officially acquires ICM Partners for $750 million. More news is expected to come this week, but at first glance, it’s clear layoffs will follow the already dozens of agents and staff who have left over the past couple of months.

Annie Mac Kicks Off Outernet DebutSince the 1940s, central London hasn’t had a venue facelift. All of that is now changed with the 2,000 capacity Here at Outernet. “Outernet is set to completely transform live events in central London,” says Dice’s global head of music, Andrew Foggin.   

Top Drawer Merch is a merchandising company based in Los Angeles and is hiring a Junior Account Manager to help create merchandise collections through R&D, production, logistics, and sales.


These were Billboard's top 50 festivals of 2022. How many have you worked?

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events support a charitable cause or bring awareness to a particular topic.

Product Drops is a feature that helps your fans stay on top of your latest merchandise. When you Tweet about an upcoming launch, your fans will see a “remind me” button at the bottom of the Tweet. But first, there is a Product Details Page that outlines prices, product information, and even what other fans are saying about it. Fans who opt-in will get a notification on the day of launch, which takes them to a “shop on website” button so they can easily purchase the item. Can festivals utilize Product Drops to maximize merchandise sales or even partnerships with festival sponsors? 

Can Curated Playlists Improve Workplace Atmosphere?

It’s no secret that there is research and theories surrounding how music can boost productivity, encourage focus, or enable relaxation. Music agency Kollekt.fm curates specific playlists for co-working spaces to do exactly this. For those of us working in shared office spaces, consider upping your shared playlist game.

The supply chain crisis has hit the production and touring industries hard since the beginning of the pandemic. Shortcomings in both staffing and equipment, plus rises in fuel costs and day rates, have made operational efficiency difficult. Companies joining in ventures to buy equipment together and accepting pay-cuts are of the norm. Whether or not the supply chain and the pandemic are directly related is in question.ILMC in London, Pollstar Live! In Los Angeles, and EPIC in the Netherlands attempt to discuss the issues at hand and present a report of their findings. But the show always goes on. Read more about the research here.


Wordle fan? Check out this music artist guessing game called Featurle.


Book-discovery apps are trying to recreate the experience of browsing IRL.

 Having post-quarantine pet separation anxiety because you’re back to being on the road? Check out these solutionsMetallica helped shred some demons in Stranger Things. Good news: we found your next tour bus time killer video game. Bad news: you have to dodge a fire-spitting vending machine.

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