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Cancellations, closures, sales, and acquisitions (oh my!). Weekends with Adele are back, but this weekend Lollapalooza was the place to be.

Music Midtown CanceledAtlanta’s Music Midtown has been canceled. This cancellation was not due to Covid or weather threats but rather the inability to prevent firearms from being brought into the event venue as required by some artists. A law that had previously protected festival grounds from fans carrying firearms on site has been lifted. After scrambling to find a new location to host the event, promoters decided to cancel. 

Disco Donnie Presents Strikes AgainDallas-based festival Lights All Night has been acquired by Disco Donnie Presents. This deal includes other events, such as Ubbi Dubbi and Freaky Deaky.

StubHub ShutdownStubHub will be closing the doors of two offices. The San Francisco and Shanghai branches will officially close at the end of the year.

Pollen is Looking for a BuyerPollen is teaming up with Goldman Sachs and Kroll to assist in finding a potential buyer. It has been reported that the primary focus is on the travel portion of the company.

Fire Promo Another Live Nation promo is among us; this time, bring your friends. The promotion runs until August 9th and offers a 4-pack of tickets for $80

Refund with a CauseA Ukrainian couple has been refunded the cost of two Coldplay tickets after world events prevented them from attending the highly anticipated show. After many inquiries made on the couple's behalf, the refund was received several weeks later, and funds will be going to rescued animals.

LED Down

A Mirror show in Hong Kong is creating quite a commotion after two dancers paid a visit to the hospital after a LED collapsed on stage. This further resulted in the cancellation of upcoming concerts for this musical group.

Streaming Festivals The Canadian festival, OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival, was captured live on TikTok this past weekend. 

She is BackWeekends with Adele are back on the schedule, looking to take place from November to March at Caesar’s Place in Las Vegas. 

Pending PermitEver After Fest has an unexpected future as the promoter is currently in the appeals process to gain an event permit. The event has already had a location and date change, this added hurdle has fans and spectators wondering if the event will occur at all.

Oak View Group is looking for part-time employees to support event days from ticketing to customer service at the Ryan Center.

Newly posted! Live Nation is looking for a full-time booking assistant in Beverly Hills.


AEG is looking for an operations coordinator at the Forest Hills Stadium in New York.

Has an event you planned on working this year been canceled? 

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Credit: Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune

After a successful Chicago run, Lollapalooza will be headed to Mumbai, India. This international rendition of the American classic will take place in January 2023.Lollapalooza is here to stay, and by here, we mean Grant Park. The festival has been locked into the current location for another ten years.Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things had the opportunity to meet Metallica this weekend pre-Lollapalooza set. The quick jam sesh is sure to have checked a bucket list item for Quinn, but from the talks of it, Metallica too, as they are huge fans of the shows. Watch it here.

Credit: DAVID PINTENS/AFPTomorrowland is finally over after its third and final event weekend. The festival anticipated a total of $25 million in revenue and welcomed nearly 600,000 fans. The festival included a total of 16 stages with 800 performing artists across the multi-weekend event. This event has been highly anticipated after its Covid break. Read more to learn about the rise of the festival we know today.

 Exciting news! You no longer have to worry about spending your flight credits as the end of festival season is quickly approaching. Now Southwest flight credits have no expiration date.

La Tomatina, Spain's tomato throwing festival, expects 20,000 attendees and will officially return after a Covid hibernation.


 The ultimate VIP ticket is causing climate concerns. Ultimate Disney fans have the option to embark on a journey to all theme parks, but between flights for guests and staff, it is looking to make a rather large carbon footprint. Summer ain’t over yet! Kick off August with some of Barack Obama’s favorite jams. Can you guess what his favorite summer hit is?


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