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The Event Event Recap

If you didn’t catch last week’s The Event Event, a two-day virtual conference covering The State of the Industry Across Consumer and Mass Participation Events produced by EventHub, we’ve got you covered with some highlights from Tyler Fey of Feyline Presents, Adam Paul of 7 Cinematics, Danny Hayes of Danny Wimmer Presents and more:

  • Keynote Speakers Tyler Fey of Feyline Presents and Adam Paul of 7 Cinematics wrapped up Day 1 by talking about non-traditional event formats and their effect on the industry. Both agreed that many who rushed into creating COVID-friendly events or live streams not only struggled to make money, but also hurt their brands. Adam said, “People were in such a rush and it hurt the industry. No one knew what to do… They needed to be patient and to build on the brand they’ve spent years and years building, not tear it down by doing it all for free.” There was money to be had in live streaming and non-traditional events, but those moves had to be made in a calculated manner by experienced people. “Inexperienced producers are the ones that didn’t do well, provide value, or make money,” said Tyler.

  • Danny Hayes of Danny Wimmer Presents kicked off Day 2 with his Keynote about how his company took advantage of the time off to reevaluate their business model. “We decided early on that we would come out of the pandemic doing far fewer festivals in the first year post-pandemic, but then scale back up.” At one point they had 13 festivals in one year. This year, they are focusing on replenishing their losses by doing 4 events and reestablishing their rainy day fund. 2 of the 4 festivals are sold out and the other two are on track to hit record numbers. With the initial success, he reminded us that we still “have to have scenarios mapped out for every type of event and anyone extending themselves in 2021 is taking a risk they may not understand because the landscape is still so unsteady.”

  • Teresa Stas of Green Cactus spoke about the State of the Sponsorship Industry

  • Dawna Stone, CEO of Running USA and T.K. Skenderian of Conventures, Inc. gave us the State of the Endurance Industry

  • Brian Arnone of Audience Republic, BOH’s Sally Lidinsky and Shadi Hayek of Webconnex discussed challenges around Ticketing and Attendee Marketing

  • PLUS, there were Working Sessions on Sponsorship Decks and Vendor/Sponsor Management and Roundtable Networking Sessions broken out by region, event type and area of expertise.

For a limited time, you can watch all sessions on replay. Those who have previously registered can catch all sessions here by using their registration number, while those who haven’t registered yet can register here for access.

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