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Scope of Work Template


Check out the below free template to fill out scope of work template for live events professionals. Editable and customizable.



Project Description


The following outlines the services to be provided by Independent Contractor as On Site Ticketing Manager for Imaginary Festival, a three-day music festival taking place in Tulsa, OK on February 11-13, 2022 with up to 7,500 attendees.  This position will consist of an initial ticketing consultation with the client to be conducted remotely, advancing the needs of the ticketing department, recruiting and onboarding all ticketing staff, and running on site ticketing operations. 


Timeline and Hours


Key deadlines for this project will be:


May 15, 2021 (or minimum 45 day before on-sale): Initial ticketing consultation call

June 1, 2021 (or not less than two weeks after initial consult): Independent Contractor will deliver written guidelines proposal for on site ticketing operations

July 1, 2021:  Imaginary Festival tickets go on sale

December 11, 2021: Review of Onsite Needs based on sales

Jan 11, 2021: Staffing beings, equipment orders finalized, festival advance finalized per internal deadlines

Feb 1: Staffing Complete

Feb 4: Operations Plan finalized

Feb 5: Arrive on Site

Feb 11-13: Show Days

Feb 14: On-Site sales reconciliation due

Feb 15: On-site wristband reconciliation due

Feb 21: Project Recap due


Budgeted Hours for Completion of All Deliverables


Initial Consult & Written Proposal: 20 hours


Advancing: Total of 75 Hours


Weekly Calls: 16 hours

Vendor Advance: 4 hours 

Staffing: 40 Hours

Operations Plan: 15 hours


On Site: 120 Hours (76 straight time hours, 44 OT hours)


Total Hours for Project: 215


Pay rate is $$/hour for a total payment of $$$$.00, paid in accordance with schedule as written in contract.


Invoice will increase in accordance with hour overages.  Imaginary Festival will be notified before overages occur.




  • IC will deliver a written proposal of ticketing/vendor guidelines to help Imaginary Festival achieve their internal KPIs for onsite ticketing operations and customer experience best practices.  Proposal will include:

    • Review of on site operations like camping, VIP and parking and notes are to critical system needs for proper functionality

    • Review of ticketing system set up with notes on how to improve on site operations through event build on the sales platform

    • Review of on site KPIs such as Will Call wait times with notes of how to achieve these metrics

  • IC will participate in weekly production calls beginning no earlier than December 11, 2021, with exceptions for federal holidays.

  • IC will advance all relevant materials and equipment for on-site box office operation, including festival needs such as tents, power, table, chairs, and IT, vendor needs such as laptops, scanners and other equipment, and staffing needs such as credentials and catering. 

  • When staffing Imaginary Festival, Independent Contractor will interview, select, and communicate all basic event information, train as necessary and track hours for Imaginary Festival employees for on site ticketing operations.

  • IC will prepare a written operations manual for on site ticketing operations for review by Imaginary Festival.  This Operations Manual will be  provided to ticketing staff as part of their training and will act as a guideline for all on site operations. 

  • IC will manage the on site operations of all box office locations, including reconciling all cash sales and Imaginary Festival wristbands in accordance with Event guidelines. 


Required Elements


  • Imaginary Festival agrees to provide all materials necessary to operate the onsite ticketing program, including infrastructure (tents, tables, signage, power, lights and IT), office supplies (including cash boxes, counterfeit pens, and petty cash for all cash boxes), and considerations for ticketing staff, including meals, water and access to sanitary bathroom facilities.


Limits and Exclusions

  • Independent Contractor is under no obligation to work exclusively for Company, or its subsidiaries

  • Imaginary Festival is not bound to follow any recommendation given by the IC in their written guidelines for on site ticketing operations, but acknowledge that deviation from those guidelines may result in failure to meet KPIs.

  • Independent Contractor will require sufficient notice to accomplish tasks (minimum one business day, subject to mutually agreed upon short periods of unavailability based on travel and work schedules).

  • Independent Contractor will follow all written Event protocol for payroll by tracking the hours of employees under her direct control, but will not be legally or financially responsible for any payroll or worker’s compensation, which will be handled solely by the Company, except as otherwise set forth herein.

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