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From masked and non-social distanced events to ones that are strictly social distanced or virtual, new events seem to be going in all directions. Some events even benefit event workers directly (reminder to sign up for BOH x LinkedIn's event tomorrow). And don't count out Rock and Roll just yet.

New events are heading in two different directions. While the Trey Songz and YoungBoy Never Broke Again shows in Orlando were mask and social distance free, Lupe Fiasco plans to require proof of vaccine for 2021 shows.

Florida's SunFest has a new community-focused festival format for 2021 that is pending approval from the city. The city-wide footprint and free admission to local performances may feel familiar to those who have attended SXSW, allowing attendees to "create their own SunFest."

As fans’ eagerness grows and the promise of a vaccine gets closer, Live Nation is feeling confident that 2021 will see a return to festivals. However, in the UK, live European associations predict a 6-12 month recovery period

Insomniac unveils a new drive-in format that will begin as soon as January 1st, 2021. With their EDC staple “Electric Mile” leading the charge, the event will include over 500 art installations, 5,000,000 lights, and music curated by Pasquale Rotella.

Drive-ins aren’t the only successful pandemic event format. If you’re planning an in-person event, check out these tips on how to host a socially distanced event. Or, if you’re planning a virtual event, learn more from the founders behind Shaq’s and Daymond John’s parties.

More organizations that are working to push reform amidst COVID-19 are on the rise. The latest comes from the German live events industry as they launch the Event Management Forum. Others include Finland’s Event Industry Associate, the UK’s One Industry One Voice, and the US’s NIVA.

Germany has also announced a 2.5 billion euro Event Cancellation Fund that will allow events to plan for fall and winter 2021, without the financial risk posed by COVID-19.

The Dutch event industry added 3.7 billion euros to protect businesses and jobs while also approving January test shows. They aim to determine how events with an increased visitor capacity can safely occur through a concert and dance event at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

As sustainability efforts become stronger amongst the event industry, Foals keyboardist Edwin Congreave joins the growing list of artists reflecting on their experiences touring and the eco-anxiety that steams from it.

Nicolas is breaking out of his “cage” in his new Netflix docuseries all about the origin of shit. No, not like the thing, the word, among other “dirty words.” Follow Nicolas Cage as he explores famous curse words.

Back of House's FIRST Event!

Back of House and LinkedIn present "Rock Your Profile", an industry-wide FREE event for Live Event Professionals looking to pivot their career or find a new job in the industry. In these unprecedented times, we're looking to strengthen our skillsets and leverage the experience we do have to find new roles, take on new challenges, and pivot.

This workshop will walk through how to create a rock star LinkedIn profile, build your brand, network on LinkedIn, and ultimately find new opportunities. Together, we'll:

  • Learn more about the LinkedIn Network, how it works & why professionals use it

  • Build out your LinkedIn Profile, from start to finish

  • Maximize networking opportunities and job search functions

You won't want to miss this event. Join our host Katie Budge on December 16, 2020, at 5 PM ET. Register now!

Events Helping Event Workers

The BOH Rock Your Profile event is not the only thing happening on December 16th, The Live Events Lift Up Festival, or LEVL UP Fest, will be streaming live. Nashville's Ryman Auditorium will be hosting a benefit for MusiCares, The Roadie Clinic, and the Country Music Association Foundation. Donations can be made, and merch can be purchased at any time through liveeventsliftup.org. The event will feature appearances from 25 artists. There are undoubtedly multiple ways roadies are supporting roadies during this time. Check out our 4-1-1 on other creative benefits.

  • Chicago Independent Venue League is partnering with The Giving Back Fund to create CIVL SAVE Emergency Relief Fund. This initiative is a local grant for venues, restaurants, and industry workers. Contributions can be used for a variety of needs, including necessities. 

  • Wildlife Entertainment CEO Ian McAndrew will run the # ILoveLive prize draw. The UK-hosted event will draw winners on December 17th. All funds raised will be given to production workers and stagehands.

  • Our neighbors in Canada have been creating unique dining experiences. Utilizing event producers' creative skills, COVID-friendly dining events are attracting those eager to get out of the house safely. The Pop Up Series hopes to demonstrate how live events can come together with health and safety guidelines implemented.

Join The Back of House Team!

Are you or someone you know looking to get involved in a learning experience revolving around live music? We are looking for a dedicated and eager music industry student to join our team. Our ideal intern will embrace creativity and be an intricate part of delivering content each week. You'll have an opportunity to collaborate with all team members virtually through various research projects and support initiatives. You'll gain experience in content creation, social media management, and editorial tasks while learning about the live event industry and its latest news. You do not need to have prior experience in any of the mentioned fields, but a passion for the live music industry, marketing, and graphic design is a plus. We'll help you gain a well-rounded knowledge of the different aspects of project management, foster industry connections, build an audience, and learn about the event industry as a whole. What else would you like to know or learn? Just let us know, and we'll help tailor your experience so you get the most out of it. For more information on how to apply, check out our website.

Josh Bernstein amassed a huge stack of achievements in television, production, publishing, marketing, and art direction before he’d even turned 40. As President of Hit Parader, Bernstein now oversees the relaunch of the legendary brand. The cofounder and creative engine behind several internationally recognized events and award shows for XXL, Revolver, Townsquare Media and Alternative Press has worked alongside everyone from Live Nation and AEG to the Rock Hall of Fame and the GRAMMYs to give life to each vision. He’s developed broadcast deals and creative partnerships with Apple, Amazon, Twitch, SiriusXM, MTV2, AXS TV, Xbox Live, Harley-Davidson, and the WWE, and enjoyed strong working relationships with top-tier pop culture icons, like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, and Foo Fighters.

What about Rock and Roll? How the Netflix of Rock and Roll was Born... Josh Bernstein, originally from Queens, NY, grew up obsessed with Comic Books, Rock and Roll, and Professional Wrestling. Josh would later transform these childhood passions into a professional career. As a student, he went to the School of Visual Arts, pursuing his love for comic books by studying to be a penciller and inker. During his time at school he was also able to enjoy the fantastic music scene New York City has to offer. Joking with friends in the music business, he would state “If you aren't in the band, promoting a basement show, or producing a ‘zine’ about the band, why are you here?” It’s no secret that those in the live music industry have a unique drive and passion for what they do to make a living, and Josh certainly holds these characteristics. In the early days of Josh's career, he put his art and design knowledge to the test working on music posters and magazines acting as a Creative Director in the media space. Fast forward to the present day, his experience has snowballed creating what he compares to “Netflix for Rock and Roll.”

In the Fall of 2019, the opportunity to revive the infamous magazine Hit Parader presented itself. With his partner and good friend Ash Avildsen, they took this revival one step further, creating a media outlet for high-end Rock and Roll content. Both Ash and Josh shared similar passions for the knowledge of music, digital production, and project management. Working on the project with a team of long-time friends makes the experience even more special for Josh. Keeping this spirit in mind they’ve partnered with allies who share the same mission. Josh says, “We need to do the proper work to support the future of Rock and Roll.” Current partners include Danny Wimmer Presents, United Talent Agency, Gibson Guitars, and Shelter Music Group to name a few.

In the summer of 2020, they went digital as part of the revamp. How were Josh and the team able to do it? Josh explains, “The brand touches on nostalgia while pushing the music and film genres forward. Artists can look back to the greats that came before them, and see that they are all part of this incredible lineage. We believe in Rock and Roll. A lot of tech, event companies, and TV networks - if you mention Rock and Roll to them they scrunch their faces. I say ignore that amazing audience at your own risk. The Rock and Roll audience is energetic, engaged, spends real money and if you build it, they will come and support it. I’m a Rock and Roll lifer and hope to continue to waving that flag.

No Cover, Roadie Rage, Golden Gods Awards, Rock ‘N Roll Roast, Rock N’ Jock and the return of the famed Mayhem Festival are a few projects to look forward to as part of Hit Parader’s relaunch. "When it is safe, I think it is important to get everyone back in a room together to celebrate new music, and especially each other." No Cover is literally the no cover song version of American Idol. Original music is highlighted through the competition show, bringing the next era of Rock and Roll stars to the stage. On Roadie Rage, their sister show, famous rock stars and tour managers tell historical tales through Rock and Roll’s most famous moments. Roadies will take on the challenge to recreate the crazy scenarios we all know and love… "From disposing of a dead body 😉 to separating the green M&Ms from brown."

"Live music is like an iceberg; you usually only see the band, but under the water lurking are the techs, security, producers, lights, sounds, parking attendants, bartenders, and more making the show go on!"

Like Back of House's goal, Roadie Rage turns the spotlight on the behind-the-scenes workers that come together to make live events possible.

Have you received assistance from an industry-related fund such as MusiCares?

are ready to get the COVID vaccine ASAP. Check out the latest on vaccine progress here.

▶️ Bucket Listers, the digital media brand for everyday explorers, is looking to hire an event professional with ticketing and contract knowledge to be their new Business Development Lead across the events and experiences space.▶️ Pfizer is hiring a Director of Executive Events and Production Services to oversee all digital aspects of events, productions, and broadcasts. They’re looking for someone with a strong knowledge of event production tools and technologies, coupled with strong interpersonal skills.▶️ LEO Events is hiring a Meeting Coordinator to manage and execute successful meetings and incentive programs virtually, locally, and nationally. Registration and attendee management, business analytical skills, and relationship management will allow you to succeed in this role. 

▶️ Beekeeper Ron Finley explores his newfound calling as a community activist. Learn how his work and motivation continue to grow and how he even sparked political awakenings.▶️ While the American Flag speedo may never go out of style at a country festival, this new Square Shirt Dress may be the new hottest thing on Coachella’s Instagram feed in 2021.

▶️ These Minnesotan artists are getting their “Foot in the Door” with a virtual exhibition featuring ceramics, paintings, photography, and more. 

▶️ Are you looking for ways to relax during these crazy times?  Check out this “brain spa” for the exhausted, filled with poems and relaxation techniques.

December 16: Back of House and LinkedIn present "Rock Your Profile," an industry-wide FREE event for Live Event Professionals looking to pivot their career or find a new job in the industry. This workshop will walk through how to create a rock star LinkedIn profile, build your brand, network on LinkedIn, and ultimately find new opportunities.December 16: Live Events Lift Up Festival (LEVL UP) benefits the entertainment and events industry by the entertainment and events industry, featuring 25 artists performing from the Ryman Auditorium. TourTech and the Event Safety Alliance are just some of the many partners on the show.Recorded: A TicketManager podcast hosted by Jim Andrews. These conversations focus on sports, entertainment, sponsorship, activation, experiences, ticketing, and hospitality.Recorded: Tour Management 101 just wrapped up their second semester. Check out their impressive catalog of discussions and classes to brush up or dive headfirst into everything there is to know about Tour Management.

We're listening to "Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels, Josh Bernstein approved.

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